Get an overview of all issues in your adventure park in a single place

PARKUPKEEP will help you identify the possible risks in your Park and arm you with the necessary tools to provide the highest safety level to your Park visitors.


Watch the PARKUPKEEP video.

PARKUPKEEP helps you reach high safety requirements. Inspection and maintenance are made easy.



Course designer

Design the Digital Map of the Courses in your Park. You will use this map in the future Daily and Periodical Course Inspections.

Course Inspection

When you finish designing the Courses, you are ready to go to location and perform inspection with the Course Map on your tablet.

Climbing Harness Maintenance

If you discover damage on the climbing harness, scan the bar code and an option to send the harness to maintenance will appear.

maintenance and usage history

Every repair of the parts and elements is registered in the App's database and can be reviewed in the Maintenance history.


To start conducting daily inspections of the Courses or to start the scanning of Climbing Harnesses you need to customize the Settings.

User management

Outline the duties of your team members. The team members can have multiple Roles with different levels of access and responsibility.


The Dashboard is the place where all Adventure Park data comes together. The data is shown and compared in the Graphs and Data Tables.

Daily Reports

The Day Manager can easily generate Daily Report which will be sent automatically to all relevant members of the Park management.

Incident and Complaint Reports

In the case of incident or complaint the Day Manager can generate report which will be sent to members of the Park management.


PARKUPKEEP comes in two formats:
a web application and a mobile android app.

With a mobile android app you can perform your daily Courses Inspection with the mobile device even in the aria without internet connection. When you enter the zone with the internet connection your report will be automatically synchronized with the Web application.
If you find a damaged part you can report it on the spot. You can do the following things:

  • Select the damaged part
  • Make a photo of the damaged part
  • Set importance level of the problem/risk
  • Add description of the problem/risk
  • Choose reparation due date
  • Assign the task to a team member

Once you hit the Save button your findings will be recorded in the application database and an email with all the info will be automatically sent to the maintenance team and the park manager.


The price of the Parkupkeep App will be set and announced halfway December 2018.

If you are interested in the App or in trying the Demo contact us via email or phone: +31 6 18802645.